Senior Living Activities


  • Entertainment — We host frequent entertainment, at least three entertainers weekly. Our wide range of guest entertainers include dancers and musicians from harmonica players to opera performers.
  • Holiday Discussions & Services — We offer weekly Judaic learning opportunities and services to stimulate your mind and heart.
  • Outings — Looking for some great shopping, join our outings to the Beverly Center or the Farmer's Market and The Grove, or how about the 99-cent store.
  • For a simple get away, try a scenic ride to the beach.
  • Don't forget to check the calendar for the outing of the week.
  • Life Journal Writing — You don't have to be a writer…all you need is your life story…and we all have one. You can write on paper or in a book or on a pad of paper…you can write with a pen or a pencil or a crayon…just come and let your mind be open to new experiences.
  • Story Game — This is an "oral" game…help create a story verbally…and we will record it.
  • Book Club — Once a month - we'll pick a book - have the month to read it and then discuss it the following month.
  • Adult Storytelling — Special stories read "to you" once a month…with pictures and props…sit back and enjoy this childhood way of hearing tales.
  • Postcard & Letter Writing — (1) Write to family and friends…and/or find a pen pal. (2) Write to editors of newspapers, government officials or companies letting them know how you feel about issues.
  • News Updates — Offering a variety of special updates including local, national, international news.
  • Speakers — Each month we will bring you speakers from the community and special speakers on health, safety and other timely topics.
  • Board & Word Games — Board games will have tournaments and prizes awarded. Word games only require that you show up and participate.
  • Don't miss our Bingo Bonanza.
  • Arts & Crafts — Bring out your inner artist. Join us for jewelry making, painting, watercolor, origami, ceramics, block printing and much more.

Enhancing Life