Envision A Thriving Environment

Our Vision

Within our congenial community, health enhancing programs are individually tailored to each resident’s physical and emotional circumstances. When needs change, our professional staff is on hand 24/7 to monitor and cater to our residents’ evolving requirements. We confer with your family and loved ones, physicians and supplemental healthcare providers to develop the most informed, compassionate course of action at all times.

Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit

We strive to create an embracing, thriving environment in our community. Essential services are enhanced with an innovative holistic program, offering a wide variety of activities devoted to increasing strength and flexibility of the “whole person.” For the body we offer nutritional guidance and exercise programs such as tai chi and gardening. To maintain stamina, three delicious home-cooked meals daily include fresh, homemade bread and desserts, so delicious that even our staff looks forward to them. We include a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic when possible and abundant with vitamins and healthful antioxidants. We challenge minds with lively word games, fun game-show type challenges and a daily reading hour. Spirit is nurtured though yoga, garden walks and guided reminiscence.

Additional activities include continuing health education, in-house entertainment and participation in LA’s thriving cultural life. We regularly schedule excursions to health forums, theater and museum programs, nature events, fine dining, shopping expeditions and for the truly young at heart, lively romps at the beach.

Close by, at Plummer Park across the street, residents seeking new connections or a worthy checkers opponent can mingle with neighbors who share their interests. And since we deeply value the importance of extended community, we welcome family, friends and neighbors to join us for regularly scheduled special events.

We nurture body, mind and spirit to keep retirement living exciting and inspiring.

Enhancing Life