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What's the difference between Assisted Living and Nursing Care?

by Melrose Gardens

We understand that as parents age their families begin considering what is best for their long-term care. Each family’s situation is unique, and factors such as adult children living out of state, work schedules, and travel make it difficult to leave parents alone at home, and often lead to the decision to move a parent into assisted living. The parent moving into assisted living should always have direct input on where they’re going to reside, but in many cases it’s their adult children who start the search for the perfect community by identifying locations with the amenities and care services their parent will require. This often means learning as much as they can about the senior care industry, and for many people this may be their first exposure to the different types of care options available such as assisted living and nursing care.

The differences between Assisted Living and Nursing Care

So many different senior care options are available because facilities need to exist which can closely meet the needs of different individuals. In your search for senior care you will find many facilities who excel in their particular area. Matching the needs of the individual to a friendly facility is an important part of the selection process.

Melrose Gardens is an assisted living facility in Los Angeles. This means that our residents live in a community with supervised care and access to meals and social activities as well as help with cleaning, laundry, taking medication, and other basic help. The goal of assisted living is to help make life easier and happier by providing assistance and a healthy social atmosphere. Some people mistake assisted living facilities for nursing facilities. In a nursing home seniors who have physical or mental conditions receive stringent care and a degree of regular medical attention. These places are often referred to as skilled nursing because the staff is often made up of professional nurses who can provide expert medical care around the clock to residents. Part of what makes Melrose Gardens a special choice for assisted living is our comprehensive, licensed memory care program. This program addresses the needs of residents with mild cognitive impairment and includes:

  • The Brain Workout Program developed by the Neurodevelopmental Learning Institute
  • Weekly, senior friendly yoga classes
  • Daily memory enhancement group programs
  • Daily group physical and mental exercises
  • Ongoing memory care evaluation and support provided by Dr. Matthew G. Lefferman, D.O., founder and medical director of Access Healthcare Associates in Los Angeles.
  • Ongoing support by clinical psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Farr, Ph.D.

Our focus is on creating a positive, happy, active senior living community. By supplying a resource which prevents memory loss in seniors and helps to slow the processes of alzheimer’s and dementia seniors can enjoy their retirement to its fullest potential. Mild cognitive impairment is a condition many seniors are susceptible to, and having a memory care program in places makes us one of the best choices for assisted living in the Los Angeles area.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area please visit us for a tour of our location. If you’re out of the area please request a brochure or call us for more information.