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Assisted Living Los Angeles - 5 Myths about Assisted and Independent Living

by Amy Shouse

What most of us fear most is the unfamiliar

Although senior living communities are designed to enrich the lives of residents by providing safety, nutrition, camaraderie and meaningful activities, families thinking about moving their loved one from home into an assisted living community often have fears and doubts, especially when mom or dad would prefer to stay put. The signs that an older person needs more vigilant attention might be crystal clear; however, the many myths that surround assisted living can make an already daunting decision that much more difficult.

Myth #1: I’ll Lose My Independence

For seniors living alone in their own homes, isolation can be a huge issue. The feeling of independence in having one’s own place often overshadows the fact that there is a need for more assistance in daily activities, such as grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, bathing or driving. Independent or assisted living is the perfect antidote in helping with these challenges, and in most situations each resident is able to have a private room that can feel like home within a larger community. There probably will, in fact, be more opportunities—because there is usually transportation available to residents, a senior who had been confined to home now has the opportunity to run errands; participate in shopping, educational and entertainment outings; and visit friends and family.

Our assisted living facility in Los Angeles has many levels of senior care available, from independent living in which residents have full control of their daily routines while benefiting from the amenities and social atmosphere of a senior living community, all the way to assisted living and memory care programs.

Myth #2: The Food Will Be Institutional

Since most facilities focus on providing residents tasty, nutritious meals that meet all their daily basic requirements and more, this myth could not be further from the truth. In many cases there is a dietician on staff, along with dedicated and talented chefs whose goal it is to provide healthful, delicious meals. And since residents are generally provided three complete meals a day, this offers an important opportunity for residents to socialize and get to know each other. It also provides the great advantage of receiving well-balanced nutrition, which some seniors may have been lacking for years prior.

Our Los Angeles community’s dining services provide a great selection of food for every meal.  Read more about our dining services.

Myth #3: My Family Won’t Be Close Enough to Help Me

One of the main benefits of assisted living is that it enables the family to resume their normal family roles. If an elderly person is living at home and the children or spouse (or both) are the primary caretakers, this can put huge stress on family relationships. If family members are constantly worried about what might happen to their loved one, this can also affect the stress level in their lives. Once a senior is situated in assisted living, sons and daughters can go back to being just that and everyone can rest easy knowing there is round-the-clock staff to assist and address any issues that may come up for the elderly resident. Of course there is also the convenience of daily housekeeping, alleviating the stress of upkeep activities that may be getting more difficult to perform.

We’re centrally located in west Los Angeles making it easy for family members throughout southern California to visit our assisted living community regularly.  See our map.

Myth #4: I’ll Be Lonely and Depressed

A major aspect of depression and loneliness is isolation. A senior whose health is declining is more likely to remain homebound, creating a lack of socializing opportunities, which can be debilitating if they are suffering from depression. And realistically, as we age, some of our friends do pass away. Although family visits and outings may provide a respite from being alone, it is always beneficial and often fun to meet and socialize with peers, which is one of the great benefits of being in an assisted living community. Each resident has a choice as to level of interaction with others, but having other residents and staff nearby usually diminishes any loneliness or depression that might occur.

The great part about living in an assisted living community in west Los Angeles is that we’re adjacent to shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, and we have social activities and outings regularly for our residents.  See our activities.

Myth #5: I’ll Be Bored

When considering assisted living, it’s important to put aside preconceptions. For instance, a senior might be attached (understandably) to living in their familiar home, but their daily routine might be lacking in contact with other people and/or meaningful activities. In an assisted living community there are a multitude of daily activities designed to keep residents busy and engaged. Schedules might include gentle t’ai chi or yoga classes; outings to plays, musical performances, farmer’s markets, local stores and the beach; journal writing; guest entertainers; news updates and plenty of word and board games. Again, each resident can pick and choose whatever activities captures and sustains their interest, with the added benefit of neighbors who share common interests.

Our assisted living community allows you to enjoy all the fun activities in Los Angeles while enjoying social interaction with fellow residents.

Please contact us with questions about our independent living and assisted living program in west Los Angeles.