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What makes the right assisted living facility?

by Melrose Gardens

What makes the right assisted living facility?

There are many kinds of assisted living facilities in Los Angeles. When you’re exploring options for an elderly parent or relative, this can make choosing the right place a challenge. Of course, having a variety of senior care options available is important, because every person is unique. A certain setting or feature could be a major factor for why one person chooses a care provider, but that same setting or feature may be why the facility is not suitable for the next person. It is important for many assisted living establishments to be available, so that each person can find a place that they want to call home.

Melrose Gardens is designed and operated to provide residents with a lively and upscale assisted living experience. We may be the perfect choice for you or a loved one if issues such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or other cognitive decline conditions are a deciding factor. We’ve recognized the need for a facility in Los Angeles which provides specialized care for seniors experiencing memory loss issues.

Our Club Melrose care program includes brain exercises developed by the Neurodevelopmental Learning Institute, which not only helps to treat memory loss, but also helps our residents feel positive and happy during their stay. In addition to a number of group activities for our residents with memory loss issues, in house support is provided by Dr. Matthew G. Lefferman, D.O., who is the medical director of Access Healthcare Associates in Los Angeles. These are just a few aspects of our comprehensive memory care program.

If you’re in the process of seeking assisted living care for a loved one, please consider visiting Melrose Gardens for a free tour and more information. If you’re not in the Los Angeles area, request a brochure and learn more about our inviting location and caring staff.