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Assisted Living and Memory Care

by Melrose Gardens

Assisted Living and Memory Care

There are so many senior care options available today in the United States. With over 26 different government recognized senior care segments, there are facilities which specialize in accommodating the many different needs seniors may require. Some of these senior care classes may be subtle with the primary differences being in activities, amount of housekeeping and/or meals available. Other senior care classes have very significant differences, such as offering treatment for memory issues, alzheimer’s conditions, and dementia problems.

Melrose Gardens Memory Care in Los Angeles

Assisted living services typically include housekeeping, help with dressing, laundry, meals, activities, as well as most other services as needed. Assisted living facilities won’t necessarily include a comprehensive memory care program, although some do include a memory care system. Because memory related issues are becoming more common among seniors requiring assisted living services, Melrose Gardens in Los Angeles has a comprehensive memory care program in place which includes activities to improve memory function as well as medical personnel on staff to monitor and treat our residents memory related issues including alzheimer’s, memory loss, and dementia.

We understand the challenge of locating an assisted living facility which fits all of the needs of your elderly parent. By providing excellent assisted living services as well as a comprehensive in-house memory care program we’re able to provide the best possible senior care services to a wide range of senior citizens with a diverse set of care requirements. We believe our memory care program is one of the most extensive and well developed options for seniors with memory issues in the Los Angeles area. Whether you have an immediate need for assisted living services, or you’re planning your elderly parent’s transition into assisted living in advance, please contact us to schedule a tour of Melrose Gardens in Los Angeles. If you’re not currently in the Los Angeles area you may request a brochure for more information.