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Senior Living: Here’s Why Fitness Groups Are Ideal for Seniors

by Melrose Gardens

Senior Living: Here’s Why Fitness Groups Are Ideal for Seniors

Most of us know that regular exercise is necessary for good health, and this is especially true for seniors. Keeping fit improves health and cognition, reduces depression and boredom, and fights loneliness by encouraging social activity. Through these benefits, exercise creates a more enjoyable and productive senior living experience.

Staying Active in Retirement

That said, awareness isn’t always enough. Despite the advantages, many seniors aren’t meeting the recommended guidelines for physical activity. Health problems, feeling overwhelmed, and a lack of enthusiasm are all common barriers preventing seniors from keeping a regular exercise routine. But while staying motivated can be a challenge, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Senior Living: Here’s Why Fitness Groups Are Ideal for Seniors


Joining an exercise group is an excellent option for seniors looking to get fit and stay motivated.

Frequently offered in community settings, fitness groups can bring older adults together to share various activities. They’re incredibly versatile; with offerings like yoga, cycling, and strength training, fitness groups can appeal to just about everyone. Melrose Gardens, an upscale senior living community in Los Angeles, understands the importance of motivating seniors to stay active. That’s why they offer a wellness program and fitness room designed for seniors, ensuring safe, engaging, and appropriate workouts.  


3 Reasons Fitness Groups Are Great for Seniors


They’re Social

Many people find it easier to exercise with friends or in group settings. Working out with other people can be highly motivating – and it offers an additional benefit for older adults. Isolation is a significant risk for seniors, especially for those living independently, and research has proven that loneliness is bad for our health. By combining exercise with the opportunity to make friends, fitness groups offer an exciting way to connect with others, participate in the community, and get healthy all at the same time.

They Encourage Goal Setting

Goal setting is a simple and effective way to build motivation. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with achieving a goal is known as a “small win” in psychology. It provides the necessary momentum to move onto bigger, more challenging goals. When setting a goal, be sure to write it down. Scheduling an activity makes it more concrete; in fact, studies show that creating a plan and writing it down increases one’s chance of success.

It’s best to start with a small and manageable goal, such as reaching a certain number of steps in a day. Adding a pedometer to track progress is also highly effective – and inexpensive. Research shows that using a pedometer increases physical activity by 27%, which is a big difference for such a small effort.

They Address Fears

It’s common for seniors and their families to worry about falls and other injuries associated with independent living. Some seniors avoid exercise due to these fears; of course, it’s logical to want to avoid injury or pain. The good news is that exercise improves balance, reduces falls, and alleviates pain.

Since fitness groups are so varied, there’s groups for just about every ability level, and they’re run by trainers who can offer encouragement and help prevent injuries. Selecting the right fitness group means being surrounded by people of a similar age, which also helps lessen any feelings of discomfort or intimidation.


Final Thoughts

There are many ways to encourage seniors to stay active; the key is finding the best option for you or your loved one. Fitness groups in particular give seniors a unique opportunity for customization. They also address many common objections, such as the fear of injury and beliefs like “gyms are for young people”.

With activities such as swim aerobics, dancing, and bowling, fitness groups prove that being active doesn’t have to be boring or otherwise unpleasant. They provide an environment to get healthy while having fun and making friends. Done right, exercise enriches the body and spirit; it may even be the secret to aging gracefully.

It’s undeniable that exercise contributes to happiness and good health. That’s why we offer different options and opportunities for exercise, including a gym designed for seniors, a wellness program, and a specialized trainer. To find out more information about Melrose Gardens Senior Living in Los Angeles, contact us.



Physical activity is essential to healthy aging.

Pedometers help people to stay active.