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Senior Living: Balancing Family, Travel, Leisure, and Self-care

by Melrose Gardens

Senior Living: Balancing Family, Travel, Leisure, and Self-care

Without the pressures of a mandated work schedule, what will you do to fill your days? Senior living brings many possibilities for excitement! Melrose Gardens senior living community in Los Angeles seeks to help residents balance their time between all of their many options.

The happiest seniors seek balance in their lives by creating schedules that ensure they have time for leisure and self-care while staying active physically and mentally. It is important for seniors in independent living communities to make sure they have time to maintain their physical health, travel and vacation in other locations, and visit family.

While it can be tempting to give in to the lay-around-all-day-relaxing mentality, the happiest seniors take part in golfing, swimming, taking tours, improving their relationships with their partners and other family members, and much more.

Senior Living: Balancing Family, Travel, Leisure, and Self-care


Finding Balance In A Retirement Lifestyle

A balanced life is a joyous life.

To help seniors find balance, author Michael Kerby wrote a book titled The Retirement Wheel: A Full Circle Retirement Planning Guide. Kerby sees the parts of a balanced life as spokes of a wheel. If one spoke were missing, the wheel would not work well. According to the book, each day should improve the wheel’s balance. One day may be a day focused on improving personal health, and the next may be spent on visiting family. Working step by step one each area of life ensures that no part of one’s senior living is left neglected.

WebMD reports that days without the structure of going to work and taking care of kids can lead to unhealthy behaviors, such as laying around or eating too much. Experts at WebMD also recommend the one-step-at-a-time approach to balance in life. Beginning each day with a plan for what goals you want to accomplish or what actions need to be taken help make sure seniors living independently maintain their best sense of health.

Making a plan for retirement involves knowing what is important to you and prioritizing those things. Each day should begin with a plan. This can look like sitting down at night or at the beginning of the week to write a personal schedule that includes activities for each major area of your life. Some activities can even benefit multiple areas. Taking a walk with a friend is both socially fulfilling and works your heart muscles. Going on vacation to see family balances seeing your loved ones with the excitement of seeing a new place.


Senior Living: Planning for Your Future

Senior living that involves more structure and planning allows you more freedom in the long run, because you will feel healthier both physically and emotionally. A great senior living community, like Melrose Gardens, will make sure that retired seniors have a plan each day so that all residents live a balanced life full of self-care, family, travel, and health. Please contact us for more information or to tour our community.




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