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How we address the needs of our Alzheimer’s residents while leading them to a rewarding retirement experience

by Melrose Gardens

We are a memory care community in Los Angeles that is designed to care for and address the needs of seniors experiencing all forms and stages of memory loss, including early stage mild cognitive impairment, and later stage Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We are a highly empathetic organization, and empathy is a core mindset and recurring theme throughout everything that we do. We are very proud of the community that we have established at our property in Los Angeles because we feel we’ve created a unique resource that simultaneously addresses the memory care needs of residents while providing the rich retirement experience that everyone seeks.

How we address the needs of our Alzheimer’s residents while leading them to a rewarding retirement experience

Key program: The Cottages Alzheimer’s Care

The Cottages is our program for residents experiencing Alzheimer’s. Our Cottages residents live in carefully designed private residences that are comfortable, charming, safe, secure, and designed to help mitigate negative effects of Alzheimer’s, reduce anxiety, and promote cognitive awareness. In terms of daily activities, we spend each afternoon with our Alzheimer’s residents engaging in activities that are actually individualized to each resident. This means that we work closely with each resident on an individual level, we get to know them and understand their personalities, how they respond to certain activities, and shape their activities according to what helps them and what makes them happy and content. Through this process, we are addressing their core needs of safety and wellbeing.

Key lifestyle activities

We talk a lot about our activities and events - letting our residents and their families know about all of the things we are doing and planning, and we do this because it is a major priority for us. Our directors and leadership invest a lot of time into looking at what we can do for our community, what would be fun, what would be healthy, what would be new, what are things we haven’t done recently, and we work to build this into a thoughtful plan for each month. We bring this up because experiences are important. Outings, entertainment, and reflective activities reward the mind and excite the spirit. So, we are not just an organization that provides memory care, we support and create rich senior lifestyles for older adults who also need memory care.

Our lifestyle activities include in house entertainment, seeing shows in Los Angeles, dining at local eateries, visit local attractions and exhibits, and really doing all the things that people of all ages do in Los Angeles. So as we say, our community genuinely does become our resident’s home, and they continue to live the rewarding lives that they want, while we provide them with the assistance, care, and support that they need to make their lives easier.

Melrose Gardens

An alzheimer's care community in Los Angeles

Our goal throughout everything that we do is to achieve the best possible outcomes for our residents, from pursuing the best cognitive health and the best physical health, to nurturing the mind and spirit, then bringing it all together to form a rich, rewarding retirement experience.

If you’re exploring memory care or assisted living communities in the Los Angeles for a family member, we would love to have you over for a tour of our community, and lunch with our team. We can walk you through our programs, advise on suitable options for your family, and give you the information you need to make a great decision.

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