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Senior Living: Relishing the retirement experience

by Melrose Gardens

Senior Living: Relishing the retirement experience


In the modern age, older adults are challenging the conventions of what a retirement experience is. Today, there exists more activities, industries, businesses, organizations, and entire ecosystems designed to enhance the retirement experience of older adults and help build a rich senior lifestyle.


This modern senior lifestyle explicitly accentuates the most enjoyable aspects of life for many people, such as time with family, travel, dining, hobbies, self reflection, et al. Then, the things that older adults truly enjoy - and everyone is different, so what they value may differ according to each individual - are made easy and accessible so they can spend their retirement relishing in these things. As a senior living community in Los Angeles, we help shape lifestyles for seniors that help them spend the most time possible doing what they most love.

Senior Living: Relishing the retirement experience


For some seniors this may be travel


The desire to travel is common among most people. Travel enriches our personalities, expands our knowledge, and is relaxing and adventurous at the same time. Many people experience challenges indulging in travel earlier in life. Travel can be expensive and time consuming, and this can be impractical for people with careers and families. Retirement provides an opportunity to step away from home, either with family, friends, or on your own. Many seniors express that finally visiting a long sought after destination later in life is rewarding because they appreciate the experience more as an older adult.


For some seniors this may be accomplishing a goal


Each personal goal is as unique as the individual who conceives that goal. A specific life goal or activity can be anything from writing a novel or completing a creative project. These are things that require time and focus, therefore they are a natural match with a retirement lifestyle. Conventional wisdom suggests that goals and projects such as these are important components of a healthy aging lifestyle - so bonus points for accomplishing a goal.


For some seniors this may be indulging in an activity


“Activity” seems vague, but this can really be anything. Perhaps an individual loves porcelain dolls, and wants to indulge in the activity of collecting them, visiting boutiques that make or sell them, and immerse themselves in the nuance of that thing. This kind of activity is healthy. It gives the individual a sense of purpose, and provides a source of genuine fascination, stimulation, and purpose.




How an older adult chooses to fill their days is up to them. The overarching theme of the modern senior lifestyle is to focus on the things that provide the most joy, and to savor the experience of those things, and in doing so, build a rich, fulfilling retirement experience.