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Memory Care: How seeing a psychologist benefits seniors with memory loss

by Melrose Gardens

Living with memory loss can be incredibly frustrating and difficult. It’s not surprising that so many people with memory loss also have feelings of anxiety, depression, and apathy. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your experience of living with memory loss, and seeing a psychologist can be immensely helpful.

As a senior living community in Los Angeles with a “whole person” approach to care, Melrose Gardens understands the importance of caring for one’s mental health alongside physical health. In this article, we explore how seeing a psychologist can benefit seniors with memory loss.

Memory Care: How seeing a psychologist benefits seniors with memory loss

Peace of mind

Memory loss isn’t always the product of dementia, though it isn’t necessarily a normal part of aging either. Psychologists are trained to assess and diagnose dementia, as well as look for other factors that may be causing memory loss, such as depression or a sleep disorder. Seeing a psychologist at the first sign that something isn’t right can help provide peace of mind by getting to the root cause of the memory loss. 

Treatment for dementia

If it is dementia, early diagnosis can make a big difference in slowing the progression of the disease. A psychologist can create a treatment plan, as well help develop accommodations for daily life. Memory loss can be incredibly disruptive to one’s routine, so implementing certain changes to support functioning are essential. A psychologist can also help family members adjust and understand the changing needs of the senior with dementia.

Addressing anxiety and depression

When memory loss is the result of something like depression, a psychologist can help with treatment, whether through talk therapy or medication. On the other hand, if it’s due to dementia, talk therapy can still be incredibly beneficial. Dementia is frequently accompanied by mood changes, as well as being a source of stress, anxiety, and depression. A psychologist is a valuable asset for an individual with dementia; they can help one cope with common emotions such as grief, confusion, and anger.

Closing thoughts

Memory loss is a frightening experience, and it’s tempting to dismiss it or avoid seeing doctors out of fear. But seeing a professional is essential; many causes of memory loss are treatable, and in the case of dementia, early intervention can make a big difference. A psychologist can not only provide resources and ways to cope with memory loss, but also peace of mind. 

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