Life at Melrose Gardens, February 2020

by Melrose Gardens

One of our core purposes at Melrose Gardens is to create the most well thought out, varied, and fulfilling assisted living programs in Los Angeles. A glance at our calendar reveals a range of plans and activities that work to nurture our resident’s minds, bodies, and spirits.

Each month we ask ourselves how we can make it the best month ever at Melrose Gardens, and our entire team is onboard with doing great things for our residents. Here’s part of what we’re looking forward to experiencing:

How we work to be the top memory care community in Los Angeles

Black History Month

February is black history month, and each day we will be engaging in some way with the ideas, histories, lives, creations, stories, and contributions of African American thought leaders, political figures, and creators, including Jean Michel Basquiat (notable New York based street artist, Andy Warhol understudy), Oprah Winfrey (legendary entrepreneur), Ella Fitzgerald (beloved jazz singer), and numerous others. This is a rewarding area of study that our entire staff and our residents enjoy.

Mardi Gras Celebration

We know how to have fun, and we are doing a great Mardi Gras celebration on February 25. We have fun activities going on, and we’re going to prepare a proper New Orleans style dinner and desert.

Share Memories and Socialize with Friends

This is our casual, relaxing social hour, where we have drinks, tell stories, engage with each other, and have conversations about whatever we find interesting at the moment. This is one of our residents favorite times of day, and is healthy and fun for everyone involved.

Melrose Gardens

Memory care, assisted living in Los Angeles

We’re so happy to see our community constantly improving. Each time we add a new team member or incorporate a new program, we feel good knowing that we’re having success in providing top level care in assisted living and memory care.

If you’re searching for memory care or assisted living in the Los Angeles area, we would love to have you over for a tour of our community, and lunch with our team. We can walk you through our programs, advise on suitable options for your family, and give you the information you need to make a great decision.

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