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Club Melrose | Early Stage (MCI) Memory Care in Los Angeles

We work to provide industry-best memory care in Los Angeles, and Club Melrose is our early stage memory loss program. Key components of our program include a dedicated private area and personal residences reserved for Club Melrose residents, a thoughtful calendar of daily activities, and specialized individual attention to help each resident combat and prevent memory loss.

Who Is Club Melrose Right For?

Club Melrose is for seniors who experience some memory loss that affects their ability to live comfortably alone without regular assistance. This level of memory loss is referred to as early stage memory loss or mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Some memory loss is normal as adults age. Early stage memory loss or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is what occurs when older adults have memory loss that is not simply age related, and there is memory loss in an individual that is more prevalent than other adults of a similar age. If you have a loved one who has trouble remembering everyday tasks, making decisions, or keeping up with bills, they’re a good candidate for Club Melrose.

How We Care For Our Residents

Our mission is to reduce the effects of early stage memory loss that are often observed in older adults as depression and anxiety while also building a comfortable and stimulating retirement experience. As part of our work to provide industry-best memory care. Residents engage in memory exercises that have relevance to their life, their former careers, and their areas of interest and expertise. By engaging in memory therapy that is related to the things they know and enjoy, residents are more likely to experience positive after effects of memory therapy, such as deferred memory loss or even recovered memory ability.

Additional Information And Getting Started

We understand that exploring memory care options for a loved one is a delicate process. Naturally, you will have many questions, and ultimately you need to choose the best environment and care for your family. We recommend contacting us for more information and to schedule a tour of our community. This allows us to answer all of your questions, introduce you to our team, and walk you through the range of care and therapy we provide in our memory care program.

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