Increase health and mental awareness with our exercises for seniors

by Melrose Gardens

Increase health and mental awareness with our exercises for seniors.

We all know exercise is good for the body, but it’s also essential for mental health. As you look over options for assisted living in Hollywood, we’d like to take a moment to show you what makes Melrose Gardens special compared to other facilities in the area. While many senior living communities offer medical and caregiving services, we are known for our charming sense of community and healthy, delicious meals. The reason for so much engagement at Melrose Gardens is our wide variety of exercise classes and other venues for social gatherings. Many of our guests take advantage of our exercise programs as a form of self-care. Let’s examine some of our class offerings as well as the benefits associated with physical exercise.


The mental health benefits of our exercise programs

For your loved one, opportunities to increase mobility designed by a professional give them self-sufficiency and a sense of calm. Exercise helps the mind stay sharp, promotes easier sleeping at night, and relieves stress. For seniors suffering from memory loss such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, it also helps increase their awareness and decrease the immediate effects of their memory loss. Gentle movement, stretching, and balance exercises increase coordination and help prevent further degeneration from these progressive diseases.

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Class offerings that meet your loved one at their level

We offer gentle yoga that helps your loved one improve mobility with flowing movements, light stretches, and poses. Our tai chi classes help build coordination and mental stamina by increasing focus and body awareness. Fusion classes bring fun with warm ups, carefully monitored cardiovascular training, and cool down stretches incorporating moves from yoga, tai chi, and ballet. Our friendly instructors model exercises clearly and individually help with modifications and alternate exercises so your loved one gets the right moves for their ability.


Fun and healthy living, scheduled regularly

The classes at Melrose Gardens do more than add something to the routine, exercise actually promotes endorphin release and higher serotonin levels. These classes lift your loved one’s mood and give them a healthy routine. As a caretaker, son, daughter, or relative to someone suffering from degenerative memory loss, it would be almost impossible to provide as many or as safe of exercise opportunities as we bring our community. Letting professionals trained in medical and physical care is not a light decision, but it’s a responsible one. Come see our facilities, stop by an exercise class, and check out the calendar of activities and see if assisted living in Hollywood at Melrose Gardens is a good fit. Call us today to schedule your visit at 323-928-4366.